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17 October 2014

Autumn colours.

The Virginia creeper which climbs up the wall
of La Petite Maison, is always the first to turn to such lovely shades of crimson.

I managed to capture the beautiful shades of gold of the leaves
on the Canadian oaks planted in rows in a field near my home.

These tall trees I see near where my daughter lives.
Another favourite walk we love to take when passing.
Fortunately I had my pocket camera with me whilst walking there recently.

Ah! good, a bench to sit awhile and soak up the splendour of natures beautiful colours.

Who wouldn't want to sit and devour these beautiful colours.
 I keep telling myself I should try painting 'en plein air'

This picture is not my own and I'm sorry I can't give credit to the photographer.
as I saw it on a friends facebook page and recognised where it is.
It's the old part of Limoges city near where I live.
It the colours that made me want to show it in my autumn colours post.

These are a few bits of autumn I brought home from my walk
waiting for me to sketch in my Moleskine journal.

With all the beauty of autumn around me
I have so much to capture, so I'd better get painting.
Couldn't resist showing a few autumn stems in a simple jam jar


à bientôt

Barbara Lilian

07 April 2013

A visit to the old city of Limoges

Even though the days are warmer, I haven't had time to do any serious gardening.
 I did manage to pot up a few of the Fuchsia plants, but that's what I call pottering.  

As some of my followers liked seeing the architecture of my city Limoges,
 I thought you might like to see some more.
I looked in my photo files and decided to take you on a tour
 to see some of the old part of the city,
which surrounds the main shopping area.

'Centre Ville' - Place de la Republique.
This is where Galeries Lafayette is.

However we are not going shopping.
 We are going to look at the narrow cobbled back streets of the city.
 I love to wander around these narrow streets, wondering what the little shops used to sell.

This part of the city is full of restaurants 
which all seem to have an area in front on the cobbled street,
 with tables, serving coffee & lunch.

So many restaurant's

Where shall we eat today ?

More restaurants tucked away in little courtyards.

All these are apartments 
with restaurants under the arches.

This is one of three pedestrian alleys. 
 leading to the larger modern stores.

Lots of specialist boutiques are in this part of the shopping area.

This part of the city has recently had a big face lift.
With strict conservation planning permission 
to keep the style of the original city.

I love this part, as it's a nice area to take a rest
and sit in the shade under these trees.

Look at this wonderful artwork which has been painted on the restored old buildings.

This mural painting has brought an old building to life.

From a distance it looks real.
This has recently been painted, to make an old ruined building blend in with this part of the city.

City gardens.

Look carefully between these two buildings. 
there is a tiny apartment on 4 floors.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the places
near where I live.

Some other time I'll take you to see some more of Limoges.

à bientôt

Barbara Lilian