20 July 2014

Lavender from the garden.

It's Lavender time again and thank goodness I have plenty to pick.
Back in Springtime I didn't think I'd have very much
as we'd had such a long period of rain.
I really will have to think of renewing a lot of my plants.
However I have a good harvest
to be able to make my Lavender posies
Take a look at the old post.



 The 1st picking


 a few ideas of how to arrange some bunches.

 I used fine wire to attach small bunches onto this raffia heart.
A rustic style which I've hung to  dry on the terrace.
Filling the air with it's heavenly perfume.
Which will always remind me of our trip to Provence


Of course there will also be lots of lavender bags.
I hope this will give you a few other ideas
of how to show off your lavender.
I still have a lot to harvest.
so I'll be busy this next week.
à bientôt
Barbara Lilian

09 July 2014

Sketches... painted of my garden during recooperation time.

Poppy painted on my Nepalese hand made paper.
After trials and errors I now realise
 I have to use more paint and less water.

This one was painted on hand made paper from Solange in the Provence.
When I was there I visited the paper mill where you could see
the process of how the paper was made. I wish I had bought the sheets of paper,
but I had only just started to paint with water colours then
and I only bought a pack of postcards, but I still have a few left.

Our pool, which I've only been looking at over the past few weeks.
and now I am allowed to swim, we have dull rainy weather
and as I'm a sun worshiper and not a keen swimmer
I need a hot sunny day to tempt me.
Our new brightly coloured sun brollies for the pool area
Where we sit for morning coffee.

 A corner of the garden that has given us plenty of colour,
especially the poppies on the left. which have now been removed
ready for some herbaceous plants to take their place.
The roses on the right where beautiful, until we had a terrific storm
 a few days ago and now they've all been battered .
Hopefully we'll get a second lot to flower over the following weeks.


This area is work in progress.
However since my back problem it has been put on hold.
The wall was built in the springtime
 and a few cuttings of Buddleia were literally shoved in,
have grown well and now beginning to give us some colour
along with the never ending butterflies that love it.

I'm now feeling much better so I've been pottering about dead heading,
nothing too energetic for the time being.
 I do start to get carried away and get told off by Mr France
 and made to rest, I must be patient
I'll be so happy when I can get my hands in the earth again,.
I've sketched a lot over the past few weeks.
So I'll be showing you some more soon.
In the meantime I hope you are enjoying lots of warm sunny days in your gardens.

à bientôt

Barbara Lilian