30 April 2013

Springtime garden

I love this time of the year when everything starts to wake up after being dormant during the long winter months. I've just been wandering around the garden seeing what's growing and what's not, also what needs to be moved because it doesn't like where it is, or I think it would look better somewhere else.
I could never call myself a real gardener, I love my garden, but I don't let it rule me. I don't talk to my plants, well maybe sometimes, telling them they have 2 chances in life... 'they either grow or they go..
 I let the weeds that flower stay, if I like them, you might say I'm a lazy gardener, but who has the right to say a plant is a weed. if it happens to grow somewhere that's not choking the special plant I have planted then it can stay. The only no go in my garden is I like the grass to be green, I don't like daises or dandelions to sneak in and this year we have an abundance of dandelions growing in all the fields around where we live.
If you read my last post  you will have seen them everywhere, but that's OK as long as they stay put in the fields.
I'm going away in a few days so would you like to see what my garden is looking like at the moment.

One of the many Pieris ( Forest Flame )
Always gives colour throughout the year.

Japonica Japanese Quince

Alyssum ( Saxitile )
Flowers first from April to June, cut back after flowering
then the leaves are a lovely silver grey
forming a good ground cover.

 I hope I don't miss too many things, the Peonies are about to burst into bloom,  if it rains a lot while we're away and we have wind they soon get damaged ,so fingers crossed they'll still be here when I get back.

The Roses are beginning to grow again after the late snow & frost damaging them.

Today I've been splitting and moving the ornamental grass's a friend gave me, I hope it will look as good in it's new home as it did last year.I'll show you that when it's growing, as it's still at the stubble stage.

 I didn't realise it would grow so tall and spread so much. I hope it will be happy where I've put it, as it was hard work digging it up, I had to get help from my other half to dig the holes to replant them. I feel much happier now going away, knowing they will be able to start growing in their new place as it would be too late to move them when I get back. Did I just say I don't let my garden rule me, well maybe I do occasionally.

 The terrace with lots of young plants in pots waiting to go in the garden.
They'll have to wait a little while longer.

We love this area especially for summer evenings.

A few herbs.
Which I always keep in pots near to the kitchen.

Lavender cuttings waiting to go into the Lavender bed

Choisya ( Mexican Orange Blossom )
This will probably be in full bloom when we return.

The Last of the Tulips.

Sempervivum ( succulents )
Which grow out of the crannies in the rockeries.

I put this photo in as I wanted you to see the sweet little viola  that popped up all by itself.
The seed must have come from a flower pot that was there last year .
I've sown seeds in trays and never had success growing them on.

After my busy day making sure everything was able to look after itself during my absence,
 I took several pictures of the sky.  It's amazing how quickly the sun went down.

I'll be back in a couple of weeks and then I'll show you where I've been.
It won't be as warm as it here in France, but it's a beautiful country.
Just a little clue ! it's my favourite place to visit as my son and his lovely wife & grandchildren live there.

à bientôt
Barbara Lilian.

17 April 2013

My Blogs 1st Anniversary

I can't believe it's now one year since I started my blog.
One year ago today, I hardly knew what to do, and didn't really know what I would write about.

It was my son in laws birthday yesterday 
so thought I'd use his cake for my 1st. anniversaire

I now try to remember to have my camera in the car to capture the beautiful countryside. 

I still struggle with some of the technical things, especially linking to other blogs
which is why I never join any of the link invites. 
Maybe I'll get the hang of it one day.
I've learnt how to use my other half's camera, so I now take better pictures since my first post.
But most of all I have lots of friends, who come and visit my blog 
 and like my photos and write nice comments about what I've done.
and I am a follower of lots of bloggers.
 All of this gives me great pleasure.

ALL of you who have popped by to read my blog
even if you don't leave a comment
I  really appreciate you taking the time
and most important I hope you enjoy reading my little stories
and looking at my photos.

Would you like to join  me on my drive down the lanes to the boulangerie.

After just a few days of sunshine the fields and the sides of the lanes 
are a mass of yellow from the dandelions.
This was what I saw this morning on my way to the boulangerie.
So I hope you'll enjoy these photos I took to share with you.

Our nearest neighbour is this farm house.

This house is used by the hunters as a hunting lodge
during the hunting season

There used to be three horses in this field and the owner built this shelter for them. 
The horses have now gone, but the owner still comes regulary to cut the grass.

I drove to the village where I used to live 
just to see this beautiful Magnolia as I knew it would be in full bloom.
I hope one day my  little twig as seen on my post
will grow to flower as lovely as this one.

à bientôt
Barbara Lilian

07 April 2013

A visit to the old city of Limoges

Even though the days are warmer, I haven't had time to do any serious gardening.
 I did manage to pot up a few of the Fuchsia plants, but that's what I call pottering.  

As some of my followers liked seeing the architecture of my city Limoges,
 I thought you might like to see some more.
I looked in my photo files and decided to take you on a tour
 to see some of the old part of the city,
which surrounds the main shopping area.

'Centre Ville' - Place de la Republique.
This is where Galeries Lafayette is.

However we are not going shopping.
 We are going to look at the narrow cobbled back streets of the city.
 I love to wander around these narrow streets, wondering what the little shops used to sell.

This part of the city is full of restaurants 
which all seem to have an area in front on the cobbled street,
 with tables, serving coffee & lunch.

So many restaurant's

Where shall we eat today ?

More restaurants tucked away in little courtyards.

All these are apartments 
with restaurants under the arches.

This is one of three pedestrian alleys. 
 leading to the larger modern stores.

Lots of specialist boutiques are in this part of the shopping area.

This part of the city has recently had a big face lift.
With strict conservation planning permission 
to keep the style of the original city.

I love this part, as it's a nice area to take a rest
and sit in the shade under these trees.

Look at this wonderful artwork which has been painted on the restored old buildings.

This mural painting has brought an old building to life.

From a distance it looks real.
This has recently been painted, to make an old ruined building blend in with this part of the city.

City gardens.

Look carefully between these two buildings. 
there is a tiny apartment on 4 floors.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the places
near where I live.

Some other time I'll take you to see some more of Limoges.

à bientôt

Barbara Lilian