01 May 2014

Where did the month of April go ??
I thought I would have been  organised this time
have had all my photos taken
 stored ready to show you.
you guessed ?
 I haven't.
Mainly due to still not being fully active after my spell in hospital
and awful weather hindering me to get to the places I wanted to visit,
for what I call my photo shoot days.
Well here is my effort for  APRIL
 A is for ?
 as it takes me back to school days,
how we learnt the
We had  been to a new restaurant  recently opened near to where we live.
In years gone by it was the railway station .
The table decoration caught my eye
on each table they had placed
a  RED APPLE in a glass.
11 a.m.
Coffee time in our household.
Always HOT and made by my Mr France for ME.
This was taken on a still day last summer.

Out come the dratted scales.
It's that time of the year again, the weather is getting warmer we stop layering up to keep warm . Look through our wardrobe and find we can't squeeze into those favourite trousers we wore last year.

It's difficult to find just a tile.
As where I live all the roofs look like this.
But I loved the look of the many different shades of terracotta
on this roof as I peeped through the widow at my daughters house.

This was taken at a vintage car rally.


It was a wood burner in the house before renovation.
Now it's used to warm us up outside on a chilly evening
that we never want to end.
I think it needs emptying !!
A group of local boys playing rugby.
My grandson is in there somewhere.
My pathway to heaven.
Taken a few years ago on our visit to the PROVENCE.
We often see these layers  overhead .
I call it sky painting.



Boys always love to do this.


This is a Lego master piece
 which my grandson made a couple of years ago.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my choice for Aprils

So until next time keep your camera handy at all times and join in.

à bientôt
Barbara Lilian


  1. Great collection of photos, I especially like path and tile.

  2. I would love to walk down that path to heaven!!

  3. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt, so many great photos. I really like smooth, logo, carry and layers. Greenthumb

  4. Great pictures.Love the tiles and your old woodburner. The swimming pool could be used for next months reflection couldn't it. Hope your back to full health soon.

  5. Your photos are inspiring and fun as always. Hope your health situation improves and that you are enjoying some time with your water colour painting.!

  6. I don't think you could have done better if you had planned this one months in advance. Even though I know you have to go back to the hospital for more treatments, I hope each day brings you less pain.

  7. I love your selection this month. The apple is a great idea for a table decoration! Love your old wood burner too. x

  8. Hey, BL! I enjoyed your photos so much! You did great despite your challenges this month. Your intro cracked me up! Ditto, ditto, ditto! I got my SH post finished last night just before midnight! We all do the best we can, and the participants all understand and appreciate our efforts! I hope May is less hectic! Take care!

  9. Barbara, these are lovely!!! So clever too. The timed are lovely shades and you managed to get a match picture!!! The swimming pool looks very inviting too. It was a fun lust this time, wasn't it! x

  10. You chose a nice set of photos Barbara Lilian. I like to pool very much, and also you terracotta roof tiles.

  11. It's so nice to see these bits of your daily life! I hope you are recovering well. I haven't been leaving messages because your posts still don't show up on my blog list. (I'm also not in Blogland as often as before these days...)

  12. A very nice collection of photographs- the swimming pool looks so inviting:)

  13. Super shots. Love the beautiful reflection in the pool and also the con trails made by aircraft. Your wood burner in the garden is gorgeous...I want one!

  14. Wonderful photos - especially liked the smooth water with reflection and the scrap oven. Lots of colourful photos and a great selection.

  15. Great photos, I really like the scrap one!

  16. Dear Barbara - I certainly did enjoy seeing your scavenger hunts. Gorgeous pictures. Thanks so much for sharing. Hope you are getting better every day. I will be looking up for you.

  17. What a great hunt. All that texture,action, color and serenity , well done. Now about that delicious coffee ...if I rush right over will Mr. France make me a cup...! Love the tile roofs too. I may have to give this hunt a try.

  18. Hi dear! Your shots are so lovely! And apple + glass, a great idea. Best wishes for you.
    à bientôt, chérie :)))

  19. so happy to have come across your lovely blog!

    being mesmerized by "things french" at the moment, i'm loving reading your account of living in france. :-)

    gentle hugs,
    (upper ne of usa)

  20. Dear Barbara,

    I enjoyed looking back at all your wonderful photos from April and it is great to get a glimpse of life in France for you. I love the old roof tiles and the wood burner. Thank you for visiting me and I will share the photos of the things I bought at the brocante but I am getting the catch repaired on the brooch.. Hope you are resting and your back is getting better.
    Enjoy the week


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