24 April 2014

Having fun with watercolour / aquarelle painting .

Before I went into hospital, I knew there would be times 
when I would be twiddling my thumbs,
so got myself some new sketching books,
and a few brightly coloured Faber Castell Pitt artist pens.
Then selected  a few of my Micron pigma pens 
 along with my Daler - Rowney Artists pencils.
I thought I'd try something new and what fun I had.
My friends have just come back from a trip to India
and brought me a lovely gift, a sketch book of handmade paper.
It has lots of raised little bits of wood and was certainly a challenge.
This is the lovely book.
It folds together with both curved edges just touching
 fastened with hand rolled silky cord and lovely buttons.
I love the way the paper easily tears from the binding.
 I'm sure I'll be finding lots of new ideas to use this paper .
On the way to the hospital we drove down an avenue of trees
 full of beautiful pink blossom. I knew I would love to paint this.
I didn't have my camera as I had other things on my mind !
But I didn't need it, it was imprinted in my mind,
just the thing for the hand made paper.
I wasn't sure how to tackle this quite flimsy paper,
so I tore a page out and jumped in with both feet.  
I kept it loose with not too much water
and was greatly surprised at my first attempt.
Here it is finished which later I carefully  stuck in my sketch book.

Recently I signed up to follow Polka dot April challenge 

This was my funky effort.
 I had great fun doing it.
But I haven't had the courage to send it !
One of the many blogs I follow is
Sharon Chapman at Wildflowerhouse
She has just become the proud owner of two of the most gorgeous
 fluffy cream coloured pups you could ever see.
   Pop over and have a look.
Her posts are varied and she paints lovely flower sketches.
 Recently she showed
Which really inspired me to try something completely different.
 I'm always doodling when I talk on the phone.
so thought this would be fun and it was.
At first I didn't know where to start
and then all of a sudden I found I'd run out of paper.
I'll certainly do some more.

Also I've been wanting to start a sketchbook journal for ages
and  read that lots of  people  who keep journals
 always recommend to buy one of good quality.
Naturally  : Moleskine 
so I treated myself to a 21x13 cm. Carnet aquarelle .
Which are not available locally where I live in France.
What would we do without Amazon. 
Also  Stillman and Birn Beta series seemed to be popular.
I thought that while I was dropping things into my Amazon basket
I'd get one of each.
This is the front page in the Stillman and Birn journal.
I'll show you some of the inside pages later.

I think I'll be using the Moleskine more for landscapes.
Hope you like the very varied sketches I achieved
in between my treatment while I was in hospital.
Now I'm back home still unable to do any gardening.
So I'm painting like mad.
I've also done some  Annie Sloan Chalk painting.
That's for later too.
So for now I'll say
à bientôt
Barbara Lilian


  1. TERRIFIC Lillian!
    Indian paper is indeed challenging.
    Btw you can find Moleskin watercolor books in Paris by the ton but nothing wrong with Amazon delivered to your door.
    Watercolor how-to books are an addiction!
    Bonne Chance

  2. You are quite an artist....I love those pink trees! I have tried it, and enjoyed it....but I learned I am NOT an artist! Look forward to seein more posts of your work.

  3. That paper in your gifted journal is fantastic..I love all the raised bits etc..
    Cute cute art Barbara..I think you are on a roll:)

  4. Barbara, what fun you are having with painting! I remember trying to paint, oh say a hundred years ago.
    I enjoy ASCP and do lots of that...great stuff...it even paints over metal and ceramics...so have lots of fun with that!
    I am going to be having surgery in the next couple of weeks, a possibility of ovarian cancer looms in my future....
    Take care...

  5. Hope you are feeling better. You certainly have been busy with all your art. I love the polka dot one. Do send it on. The fluffs send wagging tails and puppy kisses your way. Hugs Sharon

  6. Oh, aren't you spoiled with that lovely handmade paper..it does take a bit of getting used to though, but it is fun. Happy that you are painting and I really hope you feel your old self again very soon.
    PS:I sowed my seeds and they are very small..I think we have so much rain and everything is drowning..even my poor apricot trees are struggling!
    Keep painting and heal soon!

  7. Barbara - wow - what a great post. What an inspiration you are for not letting health issues keep you from creating some lovely sketches. I have never indulged in a moleskin (may have to put this on my list at Amazon - that is where I got my Stillman & Birn - have yet to give it a try - trying to use up my other ongoing ones before breaking in a new one).
    The handmade paper sketch is so pretty and fresh and I love your doodles and dots too. Thanks for sharing and hurry up and get better soon. Hugs!

  8. I'm sooooo happy to see your art! What a great way to adapt to your healing process! Your phone doodling makes me think of Egyptian art. And your garden journal cover reflects how happy gardening makes you, I think...Each type of paper I try brings out different qualities. The India paper, I think, brought out some beautiful color expression for you. Bravo!

  9. Good Afternoon Barbara, I am so pleased to see you are on the road to recovery. I loved your avenue of trees and I especially loved your doodle art work. I am just the same, if I am chatting on the phone, and I have a piece of paper to hand, I always end up with doodles. It is such a lovely way to keep them by painting with water colours, it changes the doodle completely.
    Go on, be brave, enter the Polka dot challenge.... it's fabulous.
    Oh yes, before I go, the magazine is winging it's way to you.
    Best Wishes


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