27 May 2014

Roses & a few paintings from my sketch book

Since the treatment I had for my back problem
I haven't been very active on my blog.
and now I finally need to have surgery.
Which has made me turn to my favourite things.
My garden , which as I previously mentioned
 is having to look after itself.
But somehow it's not looking too bad.
I've just picked out a few photos I took of the pretty pink rose.



I've been sketching in my new sketch journals.
Every year these poppies bloom in my daughters garden.
I love the big flower, but unfortunately they don't last very long 
so they were a must to paint .

Montana Clematis is in full bloom & climbing everywhere, 
 except the ones I planted to grow up onto my pergola.
for some reason they didn't like where I'd put them.
so I took a photo of some in a friends garden .
Then quickly sketched this into my garden sketchbook.
This was  a sprig of Lilac  which I stole from my daughters garden
I find it doesn't seem to last very long in a vase.
 I painted this on the hand made paper I was given
I  struggled at first using this type of paper
but now I think I'm liking the different technique I have to use.
I glued it in my sketch book.
I would like to Thank all
 my blogging friends who take the time to look at what I share,
especially those who have sent me get well wishes.
I'll be away for awhile.
But I will be reading my favourite blogs
even if I don't make any comments.
à bientôt
Barbara Lilian

01 May 2014

Where did the month of April go ??
I thought I would have been  organised this time
have had all my photos taken
 stored ready to show you.
you guessed ?
 I haven't.
Mainly due to still not being fully active after my spell in hospital
and awful weather hindering me to get to the places I wanted to visit,
for what I call my photo shoot days.
Well here is my effort for  APRIL
 A is for ?
 as it takes me back to school days,
how we learnt the
We had  been to a new restaurant  recently opened near to where we live.
In years gone by it was the railway station .
The table decoration caught my eye
on each table they had placed
a  RED APPLE in a glass.
11 a.m.
Coffee time in our household.
Always HOT and made by my Mr France for ME.
This was taken on a still day last summer.

Out come the dratted scales.
It's that time of the year again, the weather is getting warmer we stop layering up to keep warm . Look through our wardrobe and find we can't squeeze into those favourite trousers we wore last year.

It's difficult to find just a tile.
As where I live all the roofs look like this.
But I loved the look of the many different shades of terracotta
on this roof as I peeped through the widow at my daughters house.

This was taken at a vintage car rally.


It was a wood burner in the house before renovation.
Now it's used to warm us up outside on a chilly evening
that we never want to end.
I think it needs emptying !!
A group of local boys playing rugby.
My grandson is in there somewhere.
My pathway to heaven.
Taken a few years ago on our visit to the PROVENCE.
We often see these layers  overhead .
I call it sky painting.



Boys always love to do this.


This is a Lego master piece
 which my grandson made a couple of years ago.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my choice for Aprils

So until next time keep your camera handy at all times and join in.

à bientôt
Barbara Lilian