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23 January 2016

How lucky we were.

Our weather forecast was hail and some high winds !
It all happened so quickly, we heard the hailstones on the windows,
the noise of the wind in the trees, and then saw things flying past the window.
It was recorded as a mini tornado, and we must have been in the eye of it.
We were so lucky......

If these very large high trees  had fallen in the other direction,
 the cottage would now just be rubble.
That's the corner of our cottage on the edge of this photo.

We are just thankful that it was just the road that was blocked
and the trees hadn't fallen on the cottage.

The electricity and telephone cables were brought down 
and we don't get a signal to use our mobile phones........
Fortunately the road which passes our house joins another road. 
so we were able to get out and alert the local commune.
Who quickly alerted the necessary services 
The next day a team of 4 men came to cut the fallen trees
 and clear the road so that the electric & telephone 
cables could be fixed back on the poles.
As we are so rural our cables have still to be put under-ground.
Now the huge tree trunks on the side of the road.
Not sure how long they will remain there,
as the owner of this land is now in a retirement home,
and in France everyone is responsible for looking after their own land !

Do you remember seeing pictures of our lovely pergola ?
during the summer it's covered in a grape vine 
with a Bignone/Campsis - orange trumpet climber.

This is what it looks like now.

Most of the boundary fencing was in bits
 and the rest was blown away.

I know it's sad when trees that have have been there for years, 
are damaged by storms, but these had never been managed 
and were far to high and too close to our property,
so in a way we are happy.

Can you believe that this window decoration remained in place,
it was on a sheltered wall.

I've just seen the news on our television
and seen how many states in the USA
are being given warnings of severe snow storms .
To all of you that maybe affected, I hope you stay warm and safe.

Weather permitting, I'm hoping that soon
I'll be able to get on with preparing some raised flower-beds
for the new David Austin roses I've chosen.
( with  help from Mr France of course. )

I'll be back when the storm damage is cleared up,
and the flower-beds prepared,

So until then .

à bientôt
Barbara Lilian

30 March 2015

Just Looking

 It's not very often we take this route, but how happy I am we did. 
Joy for my eyes , look what I found .
It's only a 25 min. drive south from where we live
but it's amazing how much warmer it is.
The temperature is always a few degrees higher.
which means the blossom is more advanced than where I live.

Then we took a detour to our daughters house and I was even happier
as we found a garden center which had opened last year
I spent most of my time inside .
I was in awe of the beautiful Camellias.

I hope you like Camellias, as there were so many I couldn't stop clicking.
and before I realised that the battery was running low
 on my camera, I had spent all my time photographing them. 

Outside were rows of shrubs,
Each row had a sign showing the type of shrub and where to plant them.

Easy to grow.

Climbing plants suitable for walls and arbours
I was very tempted to buy a Clematis, but as I hadn't done any research
on them, to know which one to choose, I resisted temptation
for the next visit, which I know will be soon.
So a few more different Camellias to show you.
I hadn't realised there were so many varieties.

My only disappointment with these flowers
is they don't last very long.
If they get caught by early morning frost they turn brown
and they don't like wind and rain.
Which seems to have been our type of Spring weather
I have one in my garden which is struggling,
apparently due to all the things they don't like.
Now after the expert advice I was given by the owner
 of the garden center, I need to move it, after it's finished flowering.
It was planted last year, when my heart was not into gardening.
I thought I'd chosen a good position for it, but apparently not.
Also we do have very acid soil, due to the hundreds of pine trees
that were growing here when we bought the property.
So I need to correct that, when I find a suitable place to replant it.
But not just yet, it will have to wait, as I have climbing roses 
waiting patiently to be planted and grow up the new arbour.
If it's stopped raining tomorrow, I'll take a photo to show you.
It will be like  ''before and after.''

 What ever you are doing in your garden
Enjoy your planting.

à bientôt
Barbara Lilian

It hasn't stopped raining, but I did what I said I'd do.
I took this photo, to let you see my pitiful Camellia. 
As I say I'm not a gardener and we all make mistakes.
It wasn't a plant I bought myself, as  I know all the difficulties
of growing a good plant  (it was a prize ) from our Floral competition.
Yes you did read that correctly  a prize. But I do grow lovely
hanging baskets.
The flowers were battered even more during the night
This is my Camellia looking very sad, waiting to be moved.

09 February 2014

Our Sunday walk

If we had kept to our usual pattern  this is where we would have been walking today.
It's just a 10 from where we live,

  it's a man made lake from the streams that weave their way through the woods.

This is where we start. it's very scenic.

During the summer months the nearby camping site is full
and in the winter it's very quiet and usually it's only dog walkers we pass.

We can walk all the way around
 and when we are on form and need a brisk walk, it takes about 30 mins.
But on the days when I have my camera in my pocket it takes a little longer,
 Depending on the time of day or the year and whether the sky is blue it can look totally different.

These photos show the vast amount of rain we've had this winter

Perhaps we should go early in the morning as I'm sure we'd see the deer.
Unfortunately we've never see them here, they're probably hiding in the woods.

However we didn't go today.
Nothing untoward has happened.
 It was pouring with rain, and I'm only a fair weather walker.
also there was something more important going on.
Well, more important for Mr France, as he's an avid Rugby fan
  and this time of the year it's the six nations championship.
Which for all those who don't follow rugby or like me are not interested.
The six nations we're playing Saturday & Sunday.
just in case you're just a little bit interested and curious to know who the nations are
 they are
Although we live in France , Mr France will still be cheering for England
One of our grandsons plays rugby
and has now been chosen to play for our region The Limousin.
 that's when he cheers for France
and shows how proud he is of his grandson.

This photo was taken  in February last year.
Most of the lake was frozen .

I can't wait for some clear skies and some sun .
But the forecast is more rain.
So our walk around the lake will have to wait a bit longer.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a bit more of where I live.

à bientôt

Barbara Lilian

21 May 2013

Wisteria in full bloom

I just wanted to show you this beautiful Wisteria I pass on the way to my daughters house. 

I'm so glad hubby told me about it and we dashed to take these photos.
 We've had so much heavy rain this past week, I doubt if there's much blossom left

Enjoy your gardening.


à bientôt
Barbara Lilian


30 April 2013

Springtime garden

I love this time of the year when everything starts to wake up after being dormant during the long winter months. I've just been wandering around the garden seeing what's growing and what's not, also what needs to be moved because it doesn't like where it is, or I think it would look better somewhere else.
I could never call myself a real gardener, I love my garden, but I don't let it rule me. I don't talk to my plants, well maybe sometimes, telling them they have 2 chances in life... 'they either grow or they go..
 I let the weeds that flower stay, if I like them, you might say I'm a lazy gardener, but who has the right to say a plant is a weed. if it happens to grow somewhere that's not choking the special plant I have planted then it can stay. The only no go in my garden is I like the grass to be green, I don't like daises or dandelions to sneak in and this year we have an abundance of dandelions growing in all the fields around where we live.
If you read my last post  you will have seen them everywhere, but that's OK as long as they stay put in the fields.
I'm going away in a few days so would you like to see what my garden is looking like at the moment.

One of the many Pieris ( Forest Flame )
Always gives colour throughout the year.

Japonica Japanese Quince

Alyssum ( Saxitile )
Flowers first from April to June, cut back after flowering
then the leaves are a lovely silver grey
forming a good ground cover.

 I hope I don't miss too many things, the Peonies are about to burst into bloom,  if it rains a lot while we're away and we have wind they soon get damaged ,so fingers crossed they'll still be here when I get back.

The Roses are beginning to grow again after the late snow & frost damaging them.

Today I've been splitting and moving the ornamental grass's a friend gave me, I hope it will look as good in it's new home as it did last year.I'll show you that when it's growing, as it's still at the stubble stage.

 I didn't realise it would grow so tall and spread so much. I hope it will be happy where I've put it, as it was hard work digging it up, I had to get help from my other half to dig the holes to replant them. I feel much happier now going away, knowing they will be able to start growing in their new place as it would be too late to move them when I get back. Did I just say I don't let my garden rule me, well maybe I do occasionally.

 The terrace with lots of young plants in pots waiting to go in the garden.
They'll have to wait a little while longer.

We love this area especially for summer evenings.

A few herbs.
Which I always keep in pots near to the kitchen.

Lavender cuttings waiting to go into the Lavender bed

Choisya ( Mexican Orange Blossom )
This will probably be in full bloom when we return.

The Last of the Tulips.

Sempervivum ( succulents )
Which grow out of the crannies in the rockeries.

I put this photo in as I wanted you to see the sweet little viola  that popped up all by itself.
The seed must have come from a flower pot that was there last year .
I've sown seeds in trays and never had success growing them on.

After my busy day making sure everything was able to look after itself during my absence,
 I took several pictures of the sky.  It's amazing how quickly the sun went down.

I'll be back in a couple of weeks and then I'll show you where I've been.
It won't be as warm as it here in France, but it's a beautiful country.
Just a little clue ! it's my favourite place to visit as my son and his lovely wife & grandchildren live there.

à bientôt
Barbara Lilian.