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08 July 2015

Cutting my Lavender

Very soon after I'd been living in France and several weekly visits
 to the local markets, bringing back home the wonderful selection
 of fresh fruit and vegetables in plastic carrier bags.
I realized I needed the right shopping bag, so I bought my French
 style market basket, which as you can see is well worn
as it's been to many markets.

But early this morning before the sun had come up I used it 
along with my well used flat basket 
to carry the freshly cut Lavender from my garden.

I gathered it by the hand-full and tied each bunch with string, to hang
and leave to dry in a dark room hoping it will keep it's lovely blue colour.

 During the day I moved the bunches around the terrace
so that I could enjoy the beautiful aroma.
Each time I touched the flower heads, they release their oil so the scent
 began to float around the terrace, reminding me of my visit to the Provence.

I left a bouquet on the day bed.

Tomorrow I'll be cutting some more
and making some Lavender and ribbon posies.

I'll also be replacing this lavender from last year 
and using it to fill some small cotton bags I've made
 to hang in the guest bedrooms.

I love this time of the year the days are long,
 and the garden is full of
 wonderful perfume from the many different plants.

I'd love to know what you do with your Lavender.
I have a good crop this year so I need lots of new ideas, let me know.

Look forward to your ideas.
à bientôt
Barbara Lilian

20 July 2014

Lavender from the garden.

It's Lavender time again and thank goodness I have plenty to pick.
Back in Springtime I didn't think I'd have very much
as we'd had such a long period of rain.
I really will have to think of renewing a lot of my plants.
However I have a good harvest
to be able to make my Lavender posies
Take a look at the old post.



 The 1st picking


 a few ideas of how to arrange some bunches.

 I used fine wire to attach small bunches onto this raffia heart.
A rustic style which I've hung to  dry on the terrace.
Filling the air with it's heavenly perfume.
Which will always remind me of our trip to Provence


Of course there will also be lots of lavender bags.
I hope this will give you a few other ideas
of how to show off your lavender.
I still have a lot to harvest.
so I'll be busy this next week.
à bientôt
Barbara Lilian

26 March 2013

Some things you might not know about France.

I've just been reading some articles which were 
written in 
our local free news paper


which might be of interest to all you lovers of France.


NO it's not a joke!
READ on....

I'm not into # 




This might be of interest to some of you who are planning to visit France.

Some new cheap NO FRILLS  Ouigo  TGV  trains  from Paris to the south of France.
from the 2nd April 2013



Not usually my style of post.
I Hope it was of interest to the lovers of France.
Who might be visiting 

à bientôt
Barbara Lilian 

25 July 2012

More Lavender from my garden.


Decided to cut more of my Lavender today. So thought I'd show you what I did with it.

This basket has been sitting on a shelf  empty for a long time,
 so thought I'd fill it with a bunch of Lavender.
Just what it needed, I'm pleased how pretty it looks.


Later I made more of the ribbon posies.

I decided to make a variation on the original way I usualy make them.


The perfume is so wonderful. I feel I am back in Provence.

I shall put one of these in all the guests bedrooms.

Hope you liked seeing my Lavender ribbon posies.

A bientot

Barbara Lilian
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