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26 January 2013

I feel like spring is on it's way.

Today I felt a little bit of spring had arrived at my house.  So I decided to do make some changes on my blog.  First was to get rid of the snow scene header picture with  the falling snow. I know it's a little early but it brightened up my day browsing through my files of flower pictures to share some with you. I hope it brightens your day.

Just a week ago we had snow and were waiting for the snow plough to come to clear the road outside of our house, and today we had blue sky, which always makes me feel so much happier.

The view from the garden.
All the bare trees waiting for their leaves to start sprouting.

I  took a walk around the garden to see if there was any sign of growth after it had been under a blanket of snow. To my surprise I saw the green tips of the tulips sprouting, much earlier than usual this year.

This is what they'll look like when they are in flower.
A dwarf variety (sorry I don't know the name) which stay in flower for a long time. 

Our son & his lovely wife used to live here before they moved to Denmark, her own part of the world .
These little tulip bulbs were planted by them almost 15 yrs ago.

A pretty bunch of pink tulips to brighten up the table.

This picture was taken at one of our favorite walking places, part of the lake is still frozen.

 Even though spring hasn't really arrived 
I hope my little bit of early spring 
will cheer you up as much as it has for me.

A bientot

Barbara Lilian.

19 January 2013

Some snowy scenes in France

We've had several snow falls this week on and off and our forecast is more again this weekend .
I know it's winter and we should expect snow, but I just wanted to show you a few pictures.

Isn't this fantastic
I found it on Pinterest.

The 1st blanket of snow.

Our House from a distance.

La Petite Maison terrace.

Our farming neighbour from the next hamlet.
Hope he comes past our house to clear the road.

This picture was taken from the balcony.
Two young Deer looking for food.
Hope they hide tomorrow, as it's the day of the local Chasse/hunt.

Couldn't resist showing you this one
for all my lovers of Paris.
I found  it on Pinterest.

Hope you enjoyed sharing my snow scenes.

If you have snow keep warm.

A bientot 

Barbara Lilian.