08 February 2016

Time for a change.

It's nearly 4 years since I created my blog.
How I've grown since my first post. 
I don't mean physically but
 certainly in confidence.

You will often see me  write '' I'm not very technical ''
but with the help from friendly blogging friends, 
I've learnt so much about computers.
 Now I've advanced and also have an Ipad.

I haven't had it for very long, so I'm still wearing L plates .
 I haven't yet mastered how to transfer things to use on my blog yet.
  it's so much faster when searching Internet for information.
After I've found how to do things 
 I do need to write the instructions in my book.

otherwise, when I want to do it again, I've forgotten.

How do you like my new header ? 

I've been trying to do this for quite sometime
but never seemed to get it right.
Then I found this very informative blog 
'Blissfully Domestic' so pop over and take a look,
it gives easy to follow step by step instructions 
How to  make a  New Blog header using Picasa,
which I already use for effects on my photos,
so that was a bonus.

If your thinking of changing your blog header, have a go,
if I can do it, I'm sure you can.

I must admit, I've come a long way since my first post
which was in 2012 titled
 'Welcome to the 1st. page of my new blog'
and the header looked like this.

Which at that time I thought I was doing well, achieving a collage.
Now I'm feeling quite pleased with myself.
So I've given myself a big pat on the back
for achieving a more professional header.

I hope you like the changes I've made to the layout of my blog.

I'll be back soon.

à bientôt

Barbara Lilian


  1. You're doing brilliantly Barbara.... the more we use the computer the better we get at it !!
    I LOVE your new header. I particularly love the door with the lace ..... I WANT that lace curtain !!!!!
    ..... and, thanks for the link for the new header tutorial. I got someone to do mine but I might do my own when I decide to change it. XXXX

  2. LOVELY . . . .
    A bit of France, Gardens, You . . . all at once.
    I love it!
    I need to try doing my own header one of these days . . .
    You might enjoy posting from the iPad.
    Check out the App called Blogsy . . .
    I use it sometimes, easy peasy when you get used to it!
    Happy four years Barbara . . .
    I am so happy I have met you!

  3. Barbara, the heading pictures are beautiful and your blog looks great! It is very easy to read and I very much enjoy all your beautiful pictures. One day I hope to visit your wonderful country, but for now, I will just have to enjoy my stay through your gorgeous photos! Thank you for all your beautiful work!

  4. I think we often amaze ourselves Barbara, when it comes to technology and learning new things. Your new header is beautiful. I used to make larger ones on my blog but something changed in my settings (that I don't want to mess with) and I couldn't make big headers anymore so I use the setting in picmonkey.com to make them now. I do use Picasa for a lot of my editing and photo storage. I'll visit the blog you suggested and see if I can do something better. Congratulation on almost 4 years of blogging. Time flies! Blessings, Pam

  5. Your new header is lovely - I'd love to look through the window on the far right with the pretty handmade crochet curtain. Thank you for the link to Blissfully Domestic - I will go over for a look.

  6. First, let me thank you, for giving all the information, on the beautiful painting!!! The one in this post of mine.

    Thank you so, so, so much!

    Gentle hugs,

  7. Yes, our blogging journey is full of learning steps. Both our own trial-and-error learning. And with the help of Dear Blogging friends. Who love to pass on tips, which they have learned, along the way. I know I do! :-)

    I love wide Header/Banner pics, but could only do them, in the full-wide way. Until I learned how to center any size picture! And have been having great fun, doing just that. I posted where I found this centering info, in this post. :-)

    And oh yes, ever since I began blogging years ago, I have made it a habit to write down new information. Then I can follow it, until it becomes 'second nature' to me. :-)))) I couldn't do things, without having written them down first!!!!!

    I don't do collages, since I have difficulty finding those "do-things-with-your-pictures" App things, for my Mac. But that's ok. :-) We do with what we have. And I love, love, love my Mac.

    We got a biggggg Galaxy, so my husband could more easily read books... He has bad eyesight and needed the ability to size print larger. And I discovered I could get an Instagram App on it. I love, love, love Instagram to pieces now!!!! ,-)))))

    Can't easily take pics, with the Galaxy, because it is so big. But I take pics, with my little camera. Download them to my computer, and send them to my own e-mail addy. And from there, I post them to IG, on the Galaxy. Now this is probably not the easiest or best way to do it, but... It works for me and I am happy.

    I am surely not fully "techy" yet!!! But like so many of us, we all are continuing to learn!!! And that's the fun of it.

    So hooray for you, and for all of us!!!!

    Gentle hugs,
    My Instagram

  8. Your new header is lovely, Barbara. It's always a bit of trial and error with headers for me. I'll look into the link you provided.
    Hooray for your 4 years of blogging! There's always something to learn!

  9. Barbara, I love the new header, all the pictures are so typically French. Congratulations on achieving 4 years of blogging and grappling with technology, I know how you feel as we are at the same level, I only got my first computer 5 years ago and it certainly helps having a techie husband! Aren't we doing well learning all this new stuff at our age!!

  10. Barbara, your new Header looks very nice. Love the pink flowers and the old chair. We try to change ours every year, and it's about that time. Jess does most of the Header work; I've yet to learn about it. Good for you trying to learn it all.

    Happy Valentine's Day, dear.

    love, ~Sheri

  11. I have always loved your blog...but you truly have come a long way. The blog really looks nice. And I always love your posts. It is nice to read about life in France and the garden photos are exquisite!

  12. Your blog header is gorgeous, Barbara! So nice that you figured out how to do your own! I use Picasa to make my headers, too, but I am always forgetting to write down the instructions and have a little frustration each time. Thanks for the link, maybe that will help me figure it out quicker. I have that exact blank book! The things we bloggers share are amazing sometimes. Hope you have a lovely week. Hugs xo Karen

  13. Thanks so much for finding, and commenting on my photodiarydps, I am following you now but with my other blog, My life in Charente. As you say we live similar lives. I have a nexus, similar to an iPad, and I agree the connection is much faster generally. We are not close to anywhere though and our connection is very slow and sometime more than frustrating!! Looking forward to spending some time going through your blog when I have a little time. As for painting I like working in acrylics but finding the time is not easy!!!! If I stopped blogging them maybe I would have time for painting!!!! Take care and well done on 4 years. I have just reached 5 years on My Life in the Charente. A bientôt Diane

  14. Thanks for the info!! I've been wanting to build a collage...as the blogger templates don't do that! Very cool...but somehow it looks dreadfully complicated!

  15. Dear Barbara - your new header is superb! You are far more an expert with the computer than I am. Visited the link and it is so informative. Just may be playing with this myself. Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a blessed Valentine's Day. Hugs!


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