01 February 2016

Vegetable sketches.

Saturday morning after shopping, I was having my mid morning coffee,
and reading the blogs I follow.
 I saw that Ronelle from africantapestry
who writes and paints was
also having a mental block with her painting.
So I wasn't feeling so bad after reading that.
She describes this as losing her 'mojo'
Her post that day was vegetables.
ah - ha  I thought !

I'd just emptied the shopping bag,
full of colourful fruit & vegetables onto the kitchen worktop, 
and although I don't particularly like painting still life
the colours certainly looked tempting to paint. 
As I'd been lacking ideas to re-start watercolour sketch painting,
 and Ronelle who's style of painting I love
I thought this was an omen, I decided to get painting.

I'd recently been to a craft shop and bought a basic sketch pad, 
thinking this will get me started again.

Then when I feel I've really got my interest back,
I can go back to using my Moleskine journal again.

Paints and palette all ready.

A nice fresh bunch of Radish, almost like a posy of flowers
just waiting to be painted,
and delicious as well.

Painting palette, not touched for so long, all the blobs of paint dried up.
but amazingly just a few drops of water brought most of them back.

After a wobbly beginning, I used my Micron pens
and then mixed a few different shades of green.

 I roasted the Fennel with the potatoes, it was very tasty.

So thank you  Ronelle for the vegetable sketch you shared.
and my followers who have been encouraging me 
to do some painting. at least I've made a start.

When the weather improves 
I'll get out and try some scenic views and buildings for a change.
 I've joined an on-line painting course given by
who paints wonderful street sketches and snow scenes.
I'm hoping I'll learn something.
This is one of her paintings.

Winter snow scene by Shari Blaukopf

I'll be doing some (I mean a lot of ) practise lessons first,
before I show any of my efforts.

I'll say good bye
I hope you liked my sketches
and will come back again soon.

à bientôt
Barbara Lilian


  1. Dear Barbara
    I'm delighted you've been inspired to get your paints out again!
    Love your radishes - isn't That a funny co-incidence we both did radishes and French one's at that!
    I love all the sketching you've shown us today - you have such a gift my dear friend.
    My roses are looking very frazzled at the moment as it has been a hot, dry and humid January.
    The weatherman keeps predicting rain so I have resisted turning the watering hose on - I think I'll have to now to keep them alive.
    I hope alls well in your neck of the woods.
    Shane x

  2. Oh yes, we all know that feeling of being abandoned by our muse Barbara! And also that feeling of being inspired by other artists. I've given up worrying about my muse, she comes and goes as she pleases and I just sit it out. Luckily, most of the time, she doesn't stay away too long! Your vegetable sketches are gorgeous, hope we'll be seeing more!

  3. Vegetables are very inspiring subjects, aren't they? I enjoyed your paintings and hope your urge to paint is back full-force now :)

  4. Lovely sketches Barbara, you're on a roll now and doing well. Shari is an amazing artist and I'm sure you'll get a lot from her class. It's funny how the inspiration to paint comes and goes, I get weeks sometimes when nothing works for me so I just go and do something else like sewing or bookbinding instead, then come back refreshed and full of new ideas.

  5. I liked this Barbara . . .
    I found it "tickling my inspiration bones!"
    I have wanted to paint some snow scenes . . .
    Loved that scene you showed . . .
    I know nothing about water color, but want to try . . .
    I liked your radishes . . .
    Happy painting . . . I liked the little book idea . . .
    ( sorry about all those I messages! )

  6. Good for you Barbara! These soft colours in the water colour paintings really appeal to me. Keep sharing your work with us ok? Happy February to you. Pam

  7. What an amazing artist you are Barbara! These would look lovely framed in your kitchen! (Or copied as notecards!) I've always wanted to learn watercolor. Hope you are having a lovely beginning to February. xx Karen

  8. Your vegetable sketches are very nice, Barbara. Love the radishes. I bought my son a paint set for Christmas because I thought he'd be good at it. wow, I thought that painting of the snow was a picture at first, it's so lovely. Keep at it, Barbara. Not everybody can draw and paint like you. :)

    love, ~Sheri

  9. Your vegetable sketches are lovely and loose. There's beauty even in the ordinary things we see (and eat) every day. Such talent you have!

  10. Dear Barbara - I was so happy to see your wonderful veggie sketches. It is so hard to get started after a break from painting but I think you are on your way. Can't wait to see more of your delightful work. Happy painting friend. Hugs!

  11. So lovely to see you painting again! Did you paint an eggplant?? Just wondering....probably not in season yet.
    Have a great weekend.

  12. I like your paintings very much, and wish I could express myself like that. I always think there is something magical about the way that some people are able to send a message from the heart/soul/eye to the fingers. I'm visiting via Lynne at the Irish Garden House, and I'll be back for more.

  13. Dear Barbara,

    So lovely to see your wonderful vegetable paintings and glad you picked up your paint and brushes again - great work.
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend

  14. How can you miss me i post every two weeks or so.....on this moment simple quotes or so because i have no inspiration....but it wil come back i know me....but i have no Google + so i following you by email...i do blogging for long time now and from the beginning i like Reading more than making post.....but i do my best.....lovely week love from a sunny Holland Ria x

  15. Delicious paintings. Cabbages make great subjects too.
    Have a great week :)


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