28 February 2014

Scavenger Hunt - February

This is my 1st contribution joining in the February 

organised by

and already I'm having to apologise to you all !
Due to not feeling well,
not all of my photos have been taken in February.

I hope I'll be let of the hook this time. !
These are the photos I've chosen to show you for my 
February  Scavenger Hunt 


Feathered   family, proud father with his gorgeous friend
 their fluffed up chicks.

At 3 pm 

 when the sun is shining, this is where I sit to admire my garden


there's lots of different grains in this pile of wood.

The Lamp 
that lights up our terrace.


 to see this clock in Rocamadour France
You need to take 'Les Chemins de St Jacques de Compostelle'

 Honey from a local producer.

My Devon pottery honey pot brought with me to France .


If you were to go shopping at 'Galeries Lafayette' in Limoges
you could have lunch at one of the many restaurants
in  'Place de la République' and  see this beautiful fountain .

Something round

A garland I left  hanging from Christmas.
I've seen the birds coming to take the dried moss for their nests.


Lots of shadows from the low winter sun.


I know it's a flock of birds.
but the cranes flew over yesterday going back up north 
so I thought I'd use this for my photo of a group.
I have to tell you I only heard them,
I couldn't see them.
as it was pouring with rain and the sky was so grey 
 so this is an old photo.

Re purpose

This is my vintage wheelbarrow,
which I use to show off what ever flowers I have in bloom.
At the moment it's pansies and pine cones in vintage egg baskets.

This is what our sky has looked like for a long time

I've enjoyed taking these photographs
If you like to use your camera to capture a moment why don't you pop over to
green thumb Made with love

and see what the selection is for the month of March
and join in

à bientôt
Barbara Lilian

16 February 2014

My give away gift

I've really enjoyed participating in the give away.


it was me who won 
the give away from

 Already we have learnt a lot more about each other.
now looking forward to being a friendly follower.


would you like to see what my two winners


 will be receiving ?


If you want a surprise. 

Now is the time to  STOP scrolling down the page
and close your eyes, 

If you're like me you won't be able to resist a little peep
 and then think 
oh well ! it will arrive soon

It just won't be a surprise.

I hope my winners will like their gift.

à bientôt

Barbara Lilian

15 February 2014

My give away winners for the Grow Your Blog party.

First of all a big thank you to Vicki   for hosting the Grow Your Blog party,
 which has brought  many new followers to me and all who took part.
I thank all of you who read my post 
and especially those of you who are now following me.
Which I hope will enjoy reading my thoughts and sharing a bit of where I live in France.

And the winner of my give away is Shane from

As soon as I saw Shane's blog  Roses Lace and Brocante I knew I was going to like it. 
We have so much in common her connection with France and her love of lace. 
We even end our posts with the same message.
if you haven't already visited her, please pop over to see the lovely things she makes with lace.
then I decided to chose another name.
Well Mr France was my random chooser.
I asked him to give me a number then out came
Gill from 
 Dosie Rosie

I chose to read this blog because of the name, which is her nick name.!
and then I find she is also English.
This blog is so fresh, Gill writes as if you are with her and she's talking to you,
 full of  bits & pieces from her everyday happenings
and lots of different original craft things she makes.
Pop over to visit her

I hope they'll like my give away.
I'm sure they will find something to make with them.

I have contacted them both so that I can send the packets.
I've also taken some photos so that I can show you what I'll be sending.

but you'll have to wait until I hear from

Thank you once again Vicki for all your hard work in  helping us 'Grow our Blogs'

à bientôt

Barbara Lilian

09 February 2014

Our Sunday walk

If we had kept to our usual pattern  this is where we would have been walking today.
It's just a 10 min.drive from where we live,

  it's a man made lake from the streams that weave their way through the woods.

This is where we start. it's very scenic.

During the summer months the nearby camping site is full
and in the winter it's very quiet and usually it's only dog walkers we pass.

We can walk all the way around
 and when we are on form and need a brisk walk, it takes about 30 mins.
But on the days when I have my camera in my pocket it takes a little longer,
 Depending on the time of day or the year and whether the sky is blue it can look totally different.

These photos show the vast amount of rain we've had this winter

Perhaps we should go early in the morning as I'm sure we'd see the deer.
Unfortunately we've never see them here, they're probably hiding in the woods.

However we didn't go today.
Nothing untoward has happened.
 It was pouring with rain, and I'm only a fair weather walker.
also there was something more important going on.
Well, more important for Mr France, as he's an avid Rugby fan
  and this time of the year it's the six nations championship.
Which for all those who don't follow rugby or like me are not interested.
The six nations we're playing Saturday & Sunday.
just in case you're just a little bit interested and curious to know who the nations are
 they are
Although we live in France , Mr France will still be cheering for England
One of our grandsons plays rugby
and has now been chosen to play for our region The Limousin.
 that's when he cheers for France
and shows how proud he is of his grandson.

This photo was taken  in February last year.
Most of the lake was frozen .

I can't wait for some clear skies and some sun .
But the forecast is more rain.
So our walk around the lake will have to wait a bit longer.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a bit more of where I live.

à bientôt

Barbara Lilian

02 February 2014

Are You Thinking of Visiting France soon ?

Then remember your P's. & Q's.

Always say Bonjour / Hello 
S'il vous plait / Please

This article was in our local English Newspaper;
It really made me smile.

When you were little I'm sure your parents taught you to say Please & Thank You.

Do you remember the old saying 

'manners don't cost anything' !!

Make sure you are polite.
or you might pay over the top for your drink.

But seriously just a word of warning !

Have you ever wondered why the locals go into the Bar/Cafe
 in towns or cities and stand at the bar with their drink ?
 Usually you will be charged more for drinks served to you if you sit outside on their terrace.

But at this Bar / Cafe  it was manners.

à bientôt
Barbara Lilian