28 February 2014

Scavenger Hunt - February

This is my 1st contribution joining in the February 

organised by

and already I'm having to apologise to you all !
Due to not feeling well,
not all of my photos have been taken in February.

I hope I'll be let of the hook this time. !
These are the photos I've chosen to show you for my 
February  Scavenger Hunt 


Feathered   family, proud father with his gorgeous friend
 their fluffed up chicks.

At 3 pm 

 when the sun is shining, this is where I sit to admire my garden


there's lots of different grains in this pile of wood.

The Lamp 
that lights up our terrace.


 to see this clock in Rocamadour France
You need to take 'Les Chemins de St Jacques de Compostelle'

 Honey from a local producer.

My Devon pottery honey pot brought with me to France .


If you were to go shopping at 'Galeries Lafayette' in Limoges
you could have lunch at one of the many restaurants
in  'Place de la République' and  see this beautiful fountain .

Something round

A garland I left  hanging from Christmas.
I've seen the birds coming to take the dried moss for their nests.


Lots of shadows from the low winter sun.


I know it's a flock of birds.
but the cranes flew over yesterday going back up north 
so I thought I'd use this for my photo of a group.
I have to tell you I only heard them,
I couldn't see them.
as it was pouring with rain and the sky was so grey 
 so this is an old photo.

Re purpose

This is my vintage wheelbarrow,
which I use to show off what ever flowers I have in bloom.
At the moment it's pansies and pine cones in vintage egg baskets.

This is what our sky has looked like for a long time

I've enjoyed taking these photographs
If you like to use your camera to capture a moment why don't you pop over to
green thumb Made with love

and see what the selection is for the month of March
and join in

à bientôt
Barbara Lilian


  1. Welcome to our little band of scavenger hunters! You have a lovely selection this time. I particularly liked seeing the photo of Limoges as I visited there when I was living in France as part of my degree many years ago. The chickens are my favourite but I also love your honey pot and wheelbarrow :)

  2. Great photos, I particularly like the shadow one.

  3. Thankyou for joking in on the scavenger hunt, I'm glad you enjoyed taking the photos. They don't have to be taken in the month if you can't find a photo. You have a lovely group of photos I really like F, repurpose, and your hony pot. Can't wait to see what you come up with for next months hunt. Greenthumb.

  4. I like your choices for the clues. I particularly like your feathered friends, and I love the photo of the shadows. Hope you are feeling better.

  5. Gorgeous chook family Barbara and lovely February pics!

  6. Your chickies are very handsome!
    I think I should have been born on a farm...

  7. Oh wow...I LOVE all your photos....what fun! Can't wait to see what's next for March!

  8. Dear Barbara - you certainly are left off the hook - gorgeous photos. Enjoyed everyone but my favorite was your refurbished wheel-barrow - what a delight and such a great idea. Hope you are feeling much better and looking forward to a lovely March. Take care and have a great week-end.

  9. I love the chickens too..and Lune De Miel:)
    Hope you feel better.. and better each and every day:)

  10. Hope you feel better real soon. I enjoyed each of your photos but the chickens made me smile.

  11. Welcome, BL! I hope that you are feeling 100% very soon. I thoroughly enjoyed your pictures ~ You're off the hook; we all just do the best we can! The cranes in the sky and the clouds were spectacular! I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  12. Hello dear Barbara
    This is such an inspiring collection of photos! I haven't heard of the scavenger hunt before, I would love to join in once I'm back to normal!!!
    My favourite one is the migrating cranes. When I see migratory birds it always makes me shed a tear as I feel they are so brave travelling those huge distances to their breeding grounds. We have Godwits here that fly over 11,000km in 7 days to China - what an incredible feat!!!
    You can google: http://www.listener.co.nz/from-our-archive/cleared-for-landing/
    A lovely post Barbara.

  13. Great collection of photos, hope you enjoyed taking part. I love your photo for F!

  14. Barbara,

    The rooster picture is delightful. It looks like he is protecting all his family. The clock in France is so lovely too. I love the cloud picture. I have a thing for the clouds. Sometimes I will see a shape or a face in the clouds. One time I saw a dog face. Clouds are so mysterious.

    Your collection of photos are wonderful. I really enjoyed seeing them all.


  15. What treats for my eyes, Barbara! Nourishment for the spirit, thank you!

  16. Love your little feathered family - when I saw it, I said 'Aawwww, so sweet! The bird formation in the sky looks like the shape of a woman flying towards the left, either with a flowing cloak, or wings !!... A delightful set of photos ~ thoroughly enjoyed seeing them all.

  17. Bonjour Barbara
    Hope you enjoyed your first Scavenger Hunt, your photo's are delightful. I particularly like your chooks, the clock at Rocamadour (I visited there as a child) and the wood pile. Looking forward to seeing next months shots.


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