14 October 2016

Hello I'm back.

First I must say to my followers who have missed me
I'm sorry for just disappearing not even giving you a hint to why.
Thank you to the followers who sent me messages wondering
 how I am & asking if every thing was OK.

Well  health wise I am fine & everything is OK.

What a  busy & stressful time I've had since my last post, 4 months ago..

Now where do I start to tell you why I've been missing.
 Back in my school girl days  &  'The Sound of Music' advice....
we were taught to start at the very beginning.

I'm not sure how much to write, in case some of you might become disinterested
before I tell you what has happened since my last post, 4 months ago.

I did find time to have family here & enjoy a wonderful hot summer.together.


and do some entertaining.

We had many late nights on the terrace discussing our future.

My faithful friends who have been with me since I first started my blog
will know we put our house up for sale,. then shortly after the market for selling was not good..

After a long period of not even thinking about moving,
out of the blue a buyer.came to visit.
and they want to move in by the end of the year. 

Those of you who have moved house frequently might be able to do this quite easily.
But I'm finding it difficult this time .
I think it must be because our belongings are going into into storage.
and I have to be really strict with myself,
only taking with us what is needed for two people, not ten,
when two years ago we used to let our home for two months every summer.
  I've accumilted many vintage items aquired from brocante sales, 
which Mr France calls junk. I can't bare to get rid of them.
so my pile of ' things to keep ' is getting bigger.
However I have found it quite easy to pass on a lot of clothes to the Church charity shop,
items I haven't worn for years, mostly because I can't get into them.

With regard to moving, we still haven't agreed on where we want to live yet. 
In the meantime we shall rent a cottage,
 maybe something like this.

When we have found our new home, where  we want to live  permanently,
it will be much smaller..
so I must be strong and get rid of a lot of my hoarded things.

I'm hoping the new owners will enjoy my garden as much as I did.
 and will add their own touches to make it their style
I'm actually looking forward to having a new garden, where ever it maybe.

Later I will show you where we will be living, while we house hunt.

I will always have Lavender & roses in my garden.

I hope the followers I have will enjoy the big changes that are happening in my life.
as much I am looking forward to a new life, finally retiring from the holiday business.
Even though my posts will probably be sporadic for awhile,
I have been popping in and reading lots of your blogs
,even though I haven't left any comments.
I'm looking forward to being back
writing posts on my blog again.

I hope I haven't lost too many of my followers and you'll come back
and see how our house hunting & moving is progressing.

à bientôt

Barbara Lilian

15 June 2016

Life in Rural France.

A little taste of country life.

The wild flowers are blooming everywhere, even though there's not much sun for June 
I love it now the commune 
isn't allowed to spray weed killer along the edge of the lanes. 

Even the lizards are hiding
and only come out when the sun appears for a few moments.

The first sighting of our green lizard.

The Jay came to visit but now its back up in the trees.

The Hoopoe bird is still about.

We hear them everyday,
but mostly see them from a distance.

The blue tits are not at the bird table as often now.

as they are busy finding bugs to feed their young.
and with all the rain there's lots of them about.

These blue tits made their nest in a hole in the wall.
Not sure if it was the same pair from last year, I'd like to think it was.

This was the last baby to leave the nest.

This year the finches are in abundance .
We think this male & female Chaffinch  were a couple, they were always together.

The Brambling  both males.

The green finch 

This male Haw-finch comes to the bird table
every evening to feed before going to roost.

He's a big bird, with a big beak.

We are pleased to see the gold finches back, we haven't seen them for a few years.

I love to see walls and gates in the country. 

I'll close the gate for now
and look forward to opening it again for you soon.

à bientôt
Barbara Lilian

12 June 2016

A mixed bag

This time of the year is always busy for us.
 Garden to keep tidy for our guests 
Especially this adorable 'Labradoodle'  from Holland.
 He was the star  staying in La Petite Maison
I found out he even takes his own selfies.

 Summer time is a must for market shopping.
always get there early, before the crowds appear.
I start off with the fruit stalls.

Then the Charentais melons, to take home and have for lunch
served with some jambon cru, and a crusty baguette.

There was even a stall selling Jambon from the Auvergne.

Local honey on a croissant for breakfast.

 A medley of tasty vegetables for lunch.

Traditional goodies to savour.

A lovely selection of rose shrubs.

Then I found a lovely stall with an English lady selling beautiful original things.
I loved these old cases & boxes she covers in decoupage.

 In the summer there's always an organ grinder playing music .

Time for a spot of people watching and a cup of coffee before leaving.

Easy all in one meals.
Then the joy of eating outside.
Followed by Strawberries from the Dordogne.( The best in France )

Family and friends popping in for aperitifs. 

All the things I love about summer.

How about you, what do you enjoy the most about summer ?

I'm looking forward to some long sunny summer days and evenings.
Spent outdoors.

à bientôt
Barbara Lilian