15 June 2016

Life in Rural France.

A little taste of country life.

The wild flowers are blooming everywhere, even though there's not much sun for June 
I love it now the commune 
isn't allowed to spray weed killer along the edge of the lanes. 

Even the lizards are hiding
and only come out when the sun appears for a few moments.

The first sighting of our green lizard.

The Jay came to visit but now its back up in the trees.

The Hoopoe bird is still about.

We hear them everyday,
but mostly see them from a distance.

The blue tits are not at the bird table as often now.

as they are busy finding bugs to feed their young.
and with all the rain there's lots of them about.

These blue tits made their nest in a hole in the wall.
Not sure if it was the same pair from last year, I'd like to think it was.

This was the last baby to leave the nest.

This year the finches are in abundance .
We think this male & female Chaffinch  were a couple, they were always together.

The Brambling  both males.

The green finch 

This male Haw-finch comes to the bird table
every evening to feed before going to roost.

He's a big bird, with a big beak.

We are pleased to see the gold finches back, we haven't seen them for a few years.

I love to see walls and gates in the country. 

I'll close the gate for now
and look forward to opening it again for you soon.

à bientôt
Barbara Lilian


  1. How lovely it was to walk through the gate. The birds are so pretty - some known to me and one completely foreign, the Hoopoe bird. What a gorgeous creature!

  2. What a lovely space you have Barbara! Birds have been captured so beautifully! I love France and have visited it several times.Wishing you a great weekend ahead and thank you for visiting my blog.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous photos of older stone dwellings, gates, fences, lizards and birdies!
    I especially enjoyed seeing bird varieties I haven't seen before . . .
    Wonderful close up pics . . .
    A favorite post indeed Barbara!
    I look forward to "beyond the gate" again very soon . . .

  4. Thanks for sharing your country life! Love all the bird photos! Do you have squirrels that can get into the bird feeders. We have a terrible problem with this. Hugs. Happy summer!

  5. I agree with Pondi bird watching with you was fun. I had hoped to recognise some of them but the blue title was the only one.

  6. Dear Barbara I so enjoyed seeing your wonderful variety of birds. Yours are so different than ours even though many of them are similar. The Hoopoe bird is magnificent. Love his headgear. We don't have lizards here so it was nice to see yours. Thanks for opening the gate to your beautiful part of the world. Hugs!

  7. what a great set of photos of the birds , you must have been so patient taking them so well done Cheers

  8. Such beautiful bird photos, Barbara! Some of these birds breed here in Finland too, some look really exotic. :) Your photo of the Hoopoe is wonderful. (May I pin it?) I wish I had seen them when living in Italy!
    Have a lovely new week - warm days with sunshine and flowers!

  9. I loved seeing the pictures of all the birds in France. You have such a variety there. That one with the messy feathers on its head is a funny one. The last bird with the yellow feathers is very pretty also. The lizards are creepy to me, and we get one here and there during the summer months when it's hot. Don't like finding them in my back yard at all. Thanks for sharing a little part of your world, Barbara.

    love, ~Sheri

  10. I love all your garden birds Barbara - all very different from mine. You certainly have a lot of varied finches - ours are less colorful, other than our goldfinches which look much different.
    Great photos and I'm so glad they are now allowing your wildflowers to grow. . . . . .wild!!!

    I'm coming along well and hopefully will be 'unglued' come Friday when I have my post-op visit with the surgeon!
    Happy week - Mary


  11. I never even heard of a Hoopoe bird!!! I have to admit, he fascinates me! What a wonderful series of birds you have been observing and photographing! You must be farther south than I thought...I like your open gate policy!

  12. I really enjoyed this post. The lovely birds are so very different than what we have here in Florida. I hope you are feeling good and enjoying summer.

  13. Hope all is well my dear and that you are just taking a summertime break in beautiful France.
    Hugs - Mary

  14. I came back to this post. I've been reading all about nature journaling and YOU have done it beautifully here!

  15. As summer is coming to a close, I just wanted to stop by and say "hello". I hope you both are well.

  16. Gorgeous photos! The little critters are so cute ♥



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