14 October 2016

Hello I'm back.

First I must say to my followers who have missed me
I'm sorry for just disappearing not even giving you a hint to why.
Thank you to the followers who sent me messages wondering
 how I am & asking if every thing was OK.

Well  health wise I am fine & everything is OK.

What a  busy & stressful time I've had since my last post, 4 months ago..

Now where do I start to tell you why I've been missing.
 Back in my school girl days  &  'The Sound of Music' advice....
we were taught to start at the very beginning.

I'm not sure how much to write, in case some of you might become disinterested
before I tell you what has happened since my last post, 4 months ago.

I did find time to have family here & enjoy a wonderful hot summer.together.


and do some entertaining.

We had many late nights on the terrace discussing our future.

My faithful friends who have been with me since I first started my blog
will know we put our house up for sale,. then shortly after the market for selling was not good..

After a long period of not even thinking about moving,
out of the blue a buyer.came to visit.
and they want to move in by the end of the year. 

Those of you who have moved house frequently might be able to do this quite easily.
But I'm finding it difficult this time .
I think it must be because our belongings are going into into storage.
and I have to be really strict with myself,
only taking with us what is needed for two people, not ten,
when two years ago we used to let our home for two months every summer.
  I've accumilted many vintage items aquired from brocante sales, 
which Mr France calls junk. I can't bare to get rid of them.
so my pile of ' things to keep ' is getting bigger.
However I have found it quite easy to pass on a lot of clothes to the Church charity shop,
items I haven't worn for years, mostly because I can't get into them.

With regard to moving, we still haven't agreed on where we want to live yet. 
In the meantime we shall rent a cottage,
 maybe something like this.

When we have found our new home, where  we want to live  permanently,
it will be much smaller..
so I must be strong and get rid of a lot of my hoarded things.

I'm hoping the new owners will enjoy my garden as much as I did.
 and will add their own touches to make it their style
I'm actually looking forward to having a new garden, where ever it maybe.

Later I will show you where we will be living, while we house hunt.

I will always have Lavender & roses in my garden.

I hope the followers I have will enjoy the big changes that are happening in my life.
as much I am looking forward to a new life, finally retiring from the holiday business.
Even though my posts will probably be sporadic for awhile,
I have been popping in and reading lots of your blogs
,even though I haven't left any comments.
I'm looking forward to being back
writing posts on my blog again.

I hope I haven't lost too many of my followers and you'll come back
and see how our house hunting & moving is progressing.

à bientôt

Barbara Lilian


  1. How lovely to hear from you again, Barbara. You're facing a lot of change in your life just now. I'm happy you have a buyer, but oh, the stress of downsizing and deciding what to keep and what to get rid of. All of our possessions are so special to us. Lavender and roses wherever you live is a great thing to focus upon. Wishing you wisdom as you move ahead.

  2. I am excited for you and confused at the same time.
    I have been writing comments on posts off and on through the summer.
    Were they posts from earlier years and I never noticed the dates???

  3. My dear Barbara, I really understand what you're going through, as I have been going through the same thing (you can see my recent post about it). I just moved, and the house sold real quick at the open house, and I had to find something in 4 weeks. I found a nice place, but it's only temporary until I settle again. I know how hard it is to
    pack up and give away many belongings from the past. But living in a smaller space is a good thing for me - less to clean. I think you will like it also. Your pictures today on here telling your story are so pretty and charming. I loved them all. I hope your move will be a smooth one, and Yes, moving is so exhausting! But hang in there, and know that we will be here when you return.

    love, ~Sheri

    ps I had to give up my rose bushes and it saddens me.

  4. It is so nice to see your blog post in my email Barbara. I have missed your posts but haven't been blogging as much over the summer months as well. How bittersweet for you to have finally sold your beautiful home and to make such great changes in your life. I do wish you well as you move and search for that perfect home for you. I will enjoy the journey with you as you blog about it. Take care and enjoy these special moments of change. Blessings, Pam

  5. Dearest Barbara I have been missing you. It sounds like there are many changes coming your way. Understand how hard it is to sort and choose what you want to keep. Hope you will be able to get some lovely starts and clippings from your beloved garden. I know God will be with you as you and Mr. France make this transition. Take care dear friend. Hugs!

  6. Goodness, Barbara, I don't know how I forgot you were planning to sell your home, but your new post certainly took me by surprise! I can well imagine the difficulty of deciding what to store and what to let go of. All good wishes to you as you make this transition to your next life adventure.

  7. Well that's exciting.
    I do find it is..it seems many are thinking about this..French Word A day ..such an honest wonderful blog..they are selling their vineyard also..and their posts about this have been tender and honest and wonderful.

    I live across the street from one of our daughters..and her family..out other daughter lives about 15 minutes away..so we are not going anywhere for now..

    but at 62 ..I am finding the gardens more work..so I am not as fastidious as I was..wehad a dry dry summer years ago I would have filled buckets..so many..this year apart from pots and baskets..I just let nature take it's course as there was no catching up..and I had a shoulder issue that we are working on..
    I am like you..I have my traesures that are treasures only to me..and I know it will be hard to part with them..

    I am thinking of your new rose garden:)
    I too appreciate how you told us your story pictorially..
    I truly think this move will be good for you..
    I hope so:)

    So much work though..ugh I remember our last one 16 yrs ago..took weeks...

  8. Catching up with your blog and am so excited for you! You are seeing your life in a new place and making plans, how wonderful is that? I cannot wait to see what your next chapter brings!

  9. Oh, wow, Barbara! That is a lot of change - and especially hard when you didn't really plan for it anymore. Even good change is highly stressful and moving can be hard. But it sounds like you are trying to go with the flow and that will make it easier to find your inner peace in the middle of upheaval. And it'll allow you to find your new dream home! I'm sure it's already waiting for you!!! Lots of love, Silke

  10. Blessings to you on your upcoming move and blessings to those who will be taking over your home. I will miss the photos of your garden, but hope you will continue to blog with other interesting things. Hugs!

  11. Wishing you all the best with this move Barbara…I definitely know what you are going through. A year after our move and downsizing to a much smaller home, I can say that it was the right thing to do. It was hard giving up all my beautiful antiques I had collected over the years but they are now in new homes making others happy.

  12. Just came from last year's grow your blog post and am curious to see what the future brings for you. I live in Germany, about an hour's drive from the French border. Love me spending time in France, may it be vacation or just a short shopping trip, or meeting with friends for a weekend.

  13. Hoping the Christmas season is still enjoyable for you....that you can enjoy it in your home....I am sorry you will have to leave your garden behind....hopefully there will be an even better garden for you at the end of the journey. Not knowing where you are going...I'd find that more than stressful, along with leaving garden behind, and then having to "clean out" that is hard. I myself have been trying to clean out, and I no sooner think I have succeeded only to find more "stuff". Best of luck and of the Christmas season.

  14. I do hope that wherever you are that you have enjoyed a wonderful Christmas.

  15. Wherever you are at the moment, I hope you and your family have enjoyed a lovely Christmas.


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