29 January 2017

Wandering and Wondering.

Although I'm enjoying where I am living, I'm feeling a bit lost at the moment.
It's not my house & its not my garden, I can see new green shoots popping up
from the ground, not frozen like it would be where we used to live.
 I'm wondering if all my plants & shrubs will survive the cold
frosty winter they are experiencing,

The day we left after 26 happy years .

We are still in France but have moved to a totally different landscape and a milder climate.
Now we have the benefit of both countryside and the coast.

The past few weeks we have woken to cold frosty mornings, 
but I hear from the local people it is unusual.
I wander around our little private courtyard looking for signs of new life.
This week I saw the first daffodil bobbing its yellow head towards the sun.
much earlier than my previous abode.

This is where we've been able to sit on some of the mild sunny mornings for our coffee.

Hopefully we will eventually find a house that 
we will be be able to settle into and be able to say, 
'Chez Nous'  our home.

I know it's been a long time that I've been away from the world of blogging.
but I have been reading all my favourite blogs and hope some of my faithful friends 
will still be there. If not maybe I will find some new followers who will enjoy
seeing the photos I share and enjoy reading about my life in France.

Enjoy your weekend where ever you are
and most of all, enjoy life.

Next time you'll be able to see inside our lovely cottage here in the Charente Maritime.

à bientôt

Barbara Lilian.


  1. Hello Barbara ...Nice to read a new post...are you moed to another cottage ?? ...are am i wrong ?....love to see the inside ...have a Nice day love Ria x

  2. It is so wonderful to have a post from you! I am sure your are missing your lovely home...but not all the work such a big place entails. Your new home is charming and the milder climate will be wonderful. Looking forward to hearing more from you on your blog!

  3. Lovely to hear of your new adventure. I must see where this new location is.
    Happy for you.

  4. I just googled the area and it is beautiful! There are many lovely properties but all a bit rich for my budget. Maybe I could rent one for a little bit. You are so fortunate. I love your local wildlife photos of birds and lizards. Maybe some new species at your new location. I live in Virginia USA and we certainly have beautiful views,too. I sympathized with your treasure trove that you had to thin out - I will face that sometime and I might as well begin now. Hope Spring finds you soon.

  5. Wonderful to hear/see your face and space . . .
    Is this your final destination where you will begin again?
    Happy you are enjoying more warmth, land and sea.
    Happy for the daffodil too . . .
    Loved seeing your name and post arriving in my email this morning.
    Blessings to you and yours . . .

  6. What a dear place..I feel happy for you..Looks like a fnatastic holiday to me..I think I love it more than before..:) How lovely...I am sure will will find a place of your own..although this one looks lovely..hard to leave a home you have lived in..I used to drive by our old one a couple of times a month..then it was no longer mine..my heart had moved into this one..great memories of our previous one..I still sometimes drive by going somewhere else..but it is not the same at all.

  7. I'm so happy knowing things are going well for you and your hubby, and that soon you'll be back more often sharing photos and news of your new abode in a different area of France. I was so pleased when you stopped by and I enjoyed your comment today dear. I can imagine how hard it is to get rid of 'stuff' and then store a lot more until you are truly settled in a new home. Good luck with everything. Stay healthy and be happy - the coming spring will probably give us all a new lease on life and we'll eventually find new excitement in doing things around our homes and gardens. Right now I've been a bit in the doldrums here, but things are looking up!
    Hugs - stay in touch.
    Best wishes always, Mary x

  8. HI Barbara. I was just thinking about you a few days ago and wondering how you are since your move from your home. It is nice to see this post today and to know that you are waiting to find just the right home for you but are comfortable for now. I look forward to following your journey. Take care.

  9. Dear Barbara, so good to hear from you!
    What a daunting move this must be...but it will work out in the end. Lovely countryside where you are, can't wait to hear and see more.
    We've been in our house for 26 years also...so I can imagine how busy and all you have been.

  10. How lovely to see a post from you, Barbara. Being unsettled is, well, unsettling to the emotions as well as the body. I hope you find the home that will suit you just perfectly. I look forward to more posts.

  11. You seem to have settled into a climate much like ours on Vancouver Island. Sometimes a brief stay in a temporary place, free of the obligations of the everyday can be very restorative!


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