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06 February 2015

Rustic houses in rural France.

I frequently pass through this hamlet, how it's changed from the way it looked 25 yrs ago.
Most of the houses were ruins, the roofs had fallen in and very few people still lived here.
Then we began to see scaffolding being erected and the sound of cement mixers whirring.
some years later it was alive again. We met an English couple who had bought a ruin and 
 renovated it for their holiday home, but they helped to bring life back into the hamlet.

25 years ago, I have memories of a little old man sitting on a stool 
outside the front door of this little cottage making baskets.

Mr France was driving and I had remembered to put my camera in the car
so I was able to capture the roof tops with my pocket Panasonic DMC TZ 4

How different the roofs looked today, as if they had been painted white.

The houses are surrounded by forest of mainly Pine, Chestnut. and Oak.
Here the famous Bolets de Cèpes - Champignons grow
These mushrooms grow in abundance in this region. 
However I still find it hard to find them.

 The hamlet now has street lighting.which is still rare in most rural places. 

This is France of bygone years brought back to life.
I hope you enjoyed seeing the rural region of France where I live.
 I can show you lots more.
Let me know.

à bientôt

Barbara Lilian

30 November 2014

Advent Calendar idea.

I've often mentioned my love of Danish decorating
These photos of my grandchildren were taken a good few years ago
when they were little toddlers, during one of our Christmas holiday visits.
and the wreath I previously showed you here

Are you looking for a new and original idea for an advent calendar ?
 I've just had this idea shared on my face-book page from Monica a Danish friend
 so if you're stuck for ideas how about trying this.
A little parcel for everyday wrapped and numbered,
then hung on the wall, simple but original.

She has a lovely boutique in Copenhagen
and also sells on line here
there is a special 20 % offer on during the advent period.
Take a look for gifts a little bit different and all Danish products.

I'm looking forward to the Christmas fair....
I wonder if we'll have a white Christmas this year ?

This is where I get to taste warm Glogg and
æbleskiver ( warm doughnut balls, served with icing sugar and a strawberry sauce.

As I will be spending Christmas in Denmark this year
my decorations will be just a little something here and there.

Similar to this.

Recently I was doing some re-arranging and brought this cup & saucer set out from a cupboard
where it's been hidden for years, I put it on display in the entrance hall. I know it's delicate
but it's so pretty I've decided I should use it.
If I was at home this would be  the cup I'd choose for Christmas morning breakfast.

Some gifts to share.

An advent wreath, picture from
Isabellas Christmas magazine

à bientôt

Barbara Lilian

09 February 2014

Our Sunday walk

If we had kept to our usual pattern  this is where we would have been walking today.
It's just a 10 from where we live,

  it's a man made lake from the streams that weave their way through the woods.

This is where we start. it's very scenic.

During the summer months the nearby camping site is full
and in the winter it's very quiet and usually it's only dog walkers we pass.

We can walk all the way around
 and when we are on form and need a brisk walk, it takes about 30 mins.
But on the days when I have my camera in my pocket it takes a little longer,
 Depending on the time of day or the year and whether the sky is blue it can look totally different.

These photos show the vast amount of rain we've had this winter

Perhaps we should go early in the morning as I'm sure we'd see the deer.
Unfortunately we've never see them here, they're probably hiding in the woods.

However we didn't go today.
Nothing untoward has happened.
 It was pouring with rain, and I'm only a fair weather walker.
also there was something more important going on.
Well, more important for Mr France, as he's an avid Rugby fan
  and this time of the year it's the six nations championship.
Which for all those who don't follow rugby or like me are not interested.
The six nations we're playing Saturday & Sunday.
just in case you're just a little bit interested and curious to know who the nations are
 they are
Although we live in France , Mr France will still be cheering for England
One of our grandsons plays rugby
and has now been chosen to play for our region The Limousin.
 that's when he cheers for France
and shows how proud he is of his grandson.

This photo was taken  in February last year.
Most of the lake was frozen .

I can't wait for some clear skies and some sun .
But the forecast is more rain.
So our walk around the lake will have to wait a bit longer.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a bit more of where I live.

à bientôt

Barbara Lilian