30 November 2014

Advent Calendar idea.

I've often mentioned my love of Danish decorating
These photos of my grandchildren were taken a good few years ago
when they were little toddlers, during one of our Christmas holiday visits.
and the wreath I previously showed you here

Are you looking for a new and original idea for an advent calendar ?
 I've just had this idea shared on my face-book page from Monica a Danish friend
 so if you're stuck for ideas how about trying this.
A little parcel for everyday wrapped and numbered,
then hung on the wall, simple but original.

She has a lovely boutique in Copenhagen
and also sells on line here
there is a special 20 % offer on during the advent period.
Take a look for gifts a little bit different and all Danish products.

I'm looking forward to the Christmas fair....
I wonder if we'll have a white Christmas this year ?

This is where I get to taste warm Glogg and
æbleskiver ( warm doughnut balls, served with icing sugar and a strawberry sauce.

As I will be spending Christmas in Denmark this year
my decorations will be just a little something here and there.

Similar to this.

Recently I was doing some re-arranging and brought this cup & saucer set out from a cupboard
where it's been hidden for years, I put it on display in the entrance hall. I know it's delicate
but it's so pretty I've decided I should use it.
If I was at home this would be  the cup I'd choose for Christmas morning breakfast.

Some gifts to share.

An advent wreath, picture from
Isabellas Christmas magazine

à bientôt

Barbara Lilian


  1. A christmas in Denmark..how wonderful! Love the photos of your grandchildren.
    Enjoy preparing and I hope you have a white Xmas in Denmark..I hope we have one too..

  2. Such a sweet post Barbara..Everything..from the personal photos to the ideas:)

  3. I know you will enjoy spending Christmas in Denmark with your family. I do hope you get your wish for snow. We have lots of snow on the ground now, so I believe that ours will be white. Love the beautiful cup and saucer…it is fun to take things out and enjoy them rather than keeping them in a cupboard.

  4. C'est un joli billet, merci. Bon voyage , et bon NOËL. A BIENTOT

  5. Good morning Barbara, We have the tree up and now to the decorating. The puppies are watching every move we make.They have had so much fun in the snow. They can't figure out where it is coming from. Needless to say there are some large towels by the door that we wrap them in as soon as they enter the house, to warm them up. This morning the temps have fallen to 18 degrees so they can't be out to long. I love your sweet ideas for decorating. I love all things from nature so I like a simple natural look. My son loves to decorate the tree with all our precious ornaments.Each one has a memory attached. I do hope you have a wonderful Christmas complete with snow. Thanks for visiting.

  6. What a great advent idea! You share lots of splendid photos...nice!

    Happy Day...


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