23 March 2015

Spring into Springtime.

My favourite season.

So much activity in the garden, most of the spring flowers are blooming.
We are helping the birds as much as we can. Mr France has made some new Bird boxes & we've put out bedding for the taking, this seems to be working. We used to refill this suet cage with food, recently I've been filling it with wadding and the birds have been taking it for sometime.  Now I've seen on Mary's  blog A Breath of Fresh Air.
she adds  bits of lace & shreds of material cut into strips to hers. What a lovely idea. I know the Gold finch make very decorative nests. Some time ago,  I found one
 with blue forget-me-nots woven in with some of our dogs fur around the edge.
The birds seem to be taking it.
One of the new bird boxes, so far no residents.
 A gift from our daughter.
For the past 2 years I've put it out, but it's never been used.
Maybe it's too upmarket in style for our country birds.
How ever I like it as a garden ornament.

If I follow Mary's idea of adding some lace for a bit of luxury,
we might have some posh birds. 
or maybe a Robin / Rouge Gorge  like this, will take up residence there.
 Tucked in the Berberis, I found a nest from last year.
I think I'll leave it and keep an eye on it,
maybe it will be refurbished, by some new takers.
 Each year I put this little nest, with it's egg in one of the hanging baskets.

 This is the area we were working on this time last year.
Then it had to go on hold, when I was unable to do any gardening.
Now due to the resent surgery Mr France had to have, we have
decided it will be staying like this. I like it partly cultivated and the rest
left a bit wild. Later the wild flowers will add lots of natural beauty.

 I've just had a wander around the garden and found some more
different types of daffodils, from a few years ago.
Even some hidden in an area that certainly needs some tidying up doing.
How is your garden looking, do you have birds building their nests?
Are you putting up bird boxes ? If you've never had a bird box
in your garden, why not try. It's so rewarding watching the birds
busy building their nest, then flying backwards & forwards
feeding their chicks.

I'll be keeping you up to date with the flora and fauna in our garden.

à bientôt

Barbara Lilian


  1. WOW!
    Spring is Fabulous where you are Barbara!!
    Lots to paint too.
    Get cracking :)

  2. I love your birdhouses and that you but out the bedding for them too. I've been collecting bits of yarn and ribbon all winter to put out :) One year I found a robbins nest that was made with strips of paper that I had shredded and put in the compost bin at the gardens edge. It mad a beautiful nest.

  3. Any heavy digging required, Robert and I will be able to oblige next month when we visit. Your Spring garden is much more advanced than ours in Wales. xxx Cerries xx

  4. Barbara, that's so funny that the birds come around when you put the bird houses out. I love the bird feeder with the rose from your daughter, it's so pretty. Yes, the daffodils look a bit different than the ones I've seen. This picture is gorgeous. My garden will be very small, and I wish I had the space that you have. That's so nice to help the birds out with their nesting and food for them. I enjoy looking at your garden, Barbara, and getting ideas, especially now that I'm planting one of my own.

    Have a beautiful week.

    love, ~Sheri

  5. Hi Barbara, I am so happy that I found your delightful blog and I love your idea for using a suet cage. I will be doing it:)
    Your newest follower,
    Connie :)

  6. You have a lovely garden, Barbara. And great spot for the birds,too.
    I put cut strips of yarn our for the nests soft lining. it disappears fast as well!
    I love the terra cotta nest!

  7. What a lovely time of year with everything just bursting into life. I can just imagine the posh nests in your garden with the lace and white fluffy wadding woven in!

  8. It is really starting to look lovely there now and the daffodils certainly brighten the landscape. I love your stone wall area. We put up a Bluebird box last year and got Swallows in it instead. I am hoping the Bluebirds will find it first this year but it won't be put up until much later. I will try that idea of nesting material this spring too. I have found nests here with hair from our dog in it before. Have a lovely week. Pam


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