08 October 2015


 I've been missing for awhile and already it's October.
Autumn can't quite make up it's mind whether to arrive or not.
It really doesn't feel like Autumn yet here in my part of France. 
As always the Virginia Creeper is the first to put on her red robe.

While the summer flowers hanging in their baskets
 are still showing off their brilliant blooms.
Thanks to Mr France and his continual
watering and feeding.

The Dahlias were a little disappointing.
maybe I'll give those a miss next year.
The late summer berries are still on the bushes,
I'm not a jam maker, so these will be left as food for the birds.

I have seen some signs of Autumn on my walks,
but these were too prickly to put in my pocket.

I took just a short walk this morning in between the showers.

Leaves & acorns are falling, 

But the glow of orange and red on the trees is not here yet.

Here we are on the lane back home and to
La Petite Maison  our guest house
Waiting for our visitors to spend a long weekend in la campagne / country.

Thank you to everyone who have sent me messages
wondering if all was well, as they had missed seeing my posts.
I never expected to be missed in the world of blogging.
Thank you so much,
it's your kind thoughts that make it all worth while.

à bientôt

Barbara Lilian


  1. I see a bit of a blush of fall in your place in the world.
    Your look is somewhat like ours . . . just beginning.
    No doubt it will all arrive in a rush shortly . . .
    I liked seeing a piece from your painting journal . . .
    Acorns dancing along in a line . . .
    Always nice to see your name appear Barbara . . .
    Happy Autumn.Days for you and yours . . .

  2. Autumn is slowly creeping in here too. I'm in no hurry for it...summer was too short this year. Your Dahlias look better than mine did this year....just not enough sun here this year for them to do well. Your place looks lovely ♥

  3. Your garden is still so pretty with bright colors. But the autumn touches are lovely, too with their mellow shades. Have a great weekend in the French countryside!

  4. Lovely fall photos and it's nice to see the summer flowers still putting on a show. Our fall is a bit tardy here as well and the trees are delaying their brilliant showing in some areas. Summer blooms are still to be found, especially geraniums and even petunias that haven't been hit by frost. It's coming though - those blackened plants will happen one night before long. Have a really nice weekend. Pam

  5. I adore the photos of your garden and dream of being present there smelling all the wonderful smells of flowers and garden! I do look forward to each post you write. Thanks so much for sharing. Nice of Mr. France to help out with the watering and feeding! He's a keeper!

  6. Barbara, I liked how you said that the Virginia Creeper is the first to put on her red robe - that's perfect for the season. I guess it's taking a little longer for Autumn to show up in your area. Autumn comes at just the right time here in northern California. Southern Cal takes a bit longer. That is nice that you have guests all the time at your country home. I wish I could take a walk with you on that trail. It looks so peaceful.

    Enjoy the Autumn days when they arrive.

    love, ~Sheri

  7. Oh I'm so glad you are ok....
    Fall doesn't show much here either...though we have some Liquid Ambars that are changing color...
    It's hot too....95 today...
    Crazy hot....ready for real Fall and Winter....
    Love your photos...

  8. Prickly chestnut shells and Virginia Creeper are certainly signs of fall. I'm sure that since our move to Florida, I'll really have to look hard for the changes in the seasons.

  9. C'est magnifique par chez vous!
    Love pergolas:)

    My dahlias are just starting their show..too late..hasta la vista;)

  10. Dear Barbara - so glad you are back blogging again. Always miss your posts. Looks like autumn is just beginning for you. Lots to look forward too. This week will most likely be our peak.
    Your Virginia creeper is gorgeous and loved seeing your beautiful part of the world. Hope you and Mr. France have a wonderful week with your guests. Hugs

  11. so lovely Lillian.
    More like Fall where you are than in chilly, rainy Paris!
    Lucky you.
    Show more sketchbook please!!

  12. Good Morning Barbara, It is always lovely to catch up with you and I am sorry I have not been able to email you, but life has been a bit hectic for me. We have been away for a couple of weeks visiting our youngest daughter, Danielle, and we celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary with her.... it was wonderful. I love it when I can spend time with my daughters.
    Your Virginia Creeper is lovely. It always signals Autumn has arrived when it starts turning red.... and such a gorgeous red.
    I did not have much luck with dahlias this year either, as we had a lot of rain which of course meant lots of slugs, who love dahlias.... but I have a weapon for next year, I discovered some copper rings which you put around pots.... watch out slugs... it doesn't hurt them, they just don't like the feeling when they try to cross over the copper wire.
    George is like Mr France, he loves watering the garden and will spend ages watering pots.
    Gosh there is a difference in the weather, Bournemouth was so mild compared to Newcastle.... where it's really cold. It certainly is hat, scarf and gloves weather now.
    Glad to hear it's a little milder where you are.
    Take care.
    Best Wishes as always.

  13. Beautiful pictures. Here in New England fall is in full-force with its crimsons and golds. A welcome sight before all that white!


  14. hello

    Glad to run across your blog posts,I'm sure I'll be reading more of your beautiful posts in France, Dreamland for Americans LOL



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