30 December 2013


It will soon be  NEW YEAR 2014

Every year I like to try to do something new.
 I have just signed up to participate in an on line course 
of 8 weeks for still life photography.
you can join too.
But you will have to be quick it starts on 6th Jan -24th Feb 2014

If you're interested   Click Here  and check it out 
@ Cheryl McCain Photography

Last year Mr France bought himself a new camera a PANASONIC DMC- FZ 48
 I have been trying my hardest to learn how to use it, taking photos for my blog.
My camera is also a Lumix-Panasonic DMC-TZ4 which I call an aim and shoot.
No fiddly buttons and just a few menus.

I wasn't going to tell you, I was going to wait and see if I made any progress,
but I'm sure there's lots of you out there,
 just like me,
 who would like to be able to take better photos.

I hope the above link Click Here works I'm not very good at linky things.

 I'm also going to put Cheryl's button on my side bar.

I'm feeling very excited, I can't wait to try!

Wishing  all my friends


I found this on a blog I read today, however I can't remember who's it was.
If it was yours, please let me know.
 I thank you and hope you don't mind me using it.

à bientôt
Barbara Lilian


  1. Have fun..always exciting to be excited!

    Happy new Year!

  2. How wonderful to be learning something new! Even though it is a new year, I'm just continuing a lot of the actiities that have already begun. After a pause new French classes will begin soon...and with art, everyday it seems there is something new that catches my attention...Bonne chance! I enjoy your enthusiastic spirit.


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