09 December 2013

My decision on using the sheet music.

In my last post I asked for your opinion whether I should use the book of music which  I found in a brocante After reading your interesting comments, which I'm extremely grateful to have received. Then chatting on face book, and emails from friends  it was almost 50/50. It wasn't easy to make my decision.
I did a lot of research into the book of  the opera music & also gave it a great deal of thought, it took me 10 days of pondering to be exact, before I plucked up courage to deface the book, a vintage book at that !
I hope I'm not going to make any enemies by doing this ?
As I  found  that the book was not valuable and knowing the music would never be played,  I didn't feel too guilty, added to that a lot of  you were thinking on the same wavelength as me. So I have neatly pulled out a few pages to make cards, decorations and a few little gift bags. All will be shown later in the week.

 I did some research on the fashion in France and Germany during the period when the music was written.
After I'd pulled out the first double pages, I wasn't sure if  it was guilt, but  probably it was my  vivid imagination, but I began to get a vision of a lady sitting on a stool at the piano with a gentleman standing nearby ready to turn the pages of her music. The lady dressed in a beautiful crinoline gown, her hair in ringlets. the gentleman looking handsome in a long jacket and slim fitting trousers & knee boots.

In case your imagination is not as vivid as mine here are a few fashion images for you.

Western style

French fashion 1840

German style

and as you all love the way the French ladies dress
this is what they were wearing in 1840.

Hope you enjoyed seeing the fashion from the period of my music book.
come back again soon to see my decorations.

à bientôt

Barbara Lilian


  1. This way you will get pleasure out of it even more..:)

    Sometimes in winter I would like to just stay in pjs all day..I never do....so that will be in my next life:)
    I love al these outfits..but can imagine wanting to put it all on a bit of a chore some days..:)
    leggings and a big sweater work so well for me.

  2. Thank you for sharing these beautiful fashions with us. I'm looking forward to your projects…I'm sure they will be lovely, Barbara.

  3. LOVE these fashion sheets!
    Though I wouldn't want to have to put on a bustle or corset like these gals. Shear/sheer torture for beauty.

  4. Barbara - these pictures are so romantic...there are times when I wished I had lived during that time period...of course I would hate giving up all our modern conveniences (LOL)! Thank you dear so much for stopping by to visit me - hope you are getting ready for Christmas too.

  5. this was such a frivolous romantic era, but am I thankful I don't have to get dressed that way in the morning..or get undressed when I just want to get into bed at night as quickly as possible. I would possibly have spent all my time at a dancing ball, twirling around and around...

  6. Barbara,
    I loved seeing all the French and German styles back then. The ladies dressed so elegant and feminine. I think we should bring back more "lovely" in our fashion today. You know, my children are part German on their father's side. It's so nice to see different cultures and what they are wearing. Thank you for sharing.

    Enjoy the season!



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