29 November 2012

Advent wreath.

The 1st of December is the beginning of  advent leading up to Christmas. This is a centuries old religious tradition, which originally started in Germany and over the centuries as with most things has greatly changed through the different religions.
The wreath was originally made from pine sprigs on which were placed three purple candles and the fourth and final one was white which symbolised Christ.
The first candle is lit on the 1st Sunday of December and each following Sunday another candle is lit, finally the last candle is lit on Christmas eve.

Now in modern times it has become a Christmas decoration of  personal taste, style and choice. but I love the idea of still keeping a tradition, even though the religious part seems to have been forgotten.

Here are a few ideas which I like and  have taken from my favourite magazine.

Have a peep, it might give you an idea and inspiration to make your own.

Something simple and rustic.

Made with pine cones and winter nuts glued to a raffia base.

This one has the candles placed on a plate
with pine cones sprinkled with glitter & scattered around 
and a few specially chosen decorations tucked in between the cones.

Shabby chic.

 A little bit of purple crept in.

( I'm still not sure about purple for Christmas !)

 This one is has a romantic feel to it.

Hope you liked the ones I have chosen and it has inspired you to make your own.

If it hadn't been raining today I would have been out foraging in the woods for all the bits of greenery needed to make my advent wreath, Oh well I still have tomorrow, at least  I've got my candles.

So fingers crossed it's not raining and come back tomorrow 
to see how my advent wreath looks.

A bientot.

Barbara Lilian


  1. Hi Barbara! I absolutely LOVE the first one, it's just beautiful! Wonder how hard it would be to construct one like it? Oh well...we do already have one, and try to light it each night after dinner during the Advent season while we read a devotional. And you mentioned purple, we use the traditional candle colors of 3 pink and one purple, with a white one in the middle. Or at least, that's how we've always done it. I know the purple has a special significance, but I would have to look it up to find out why. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Debbie, if you can use all those power tools, you can certainly bend & cut a few twigs, go on have a go I'd love to see one in your home.

  2. Hello Barbara, I love advent rings. For years and years we used to make a wreath with our girls and light a candle each Sunday, but I'm sad to say it has fallen by the way side in recent years. My favourite is the final one with the roses, as you say very romantic. Makes me think may George and I should resurrect this tradition. I hope the rain stops so you can go out and forage. It's freezing here in the North of England. We have a cold snap coming from the Arctic....oh well, time to bring out the thermals. Have a lovely weekend. Best Wishes Daphne

  3. Bonjour Barbara,
    Thanks for sharing these! I like the simple ones best, with a lot of pure white & natural colors. It's such a nice time of year with the anticipation...Is your favorite magazine French?

    1. Bonjour Rita
      This magazine is called 'Isabellas' and it's Danish. I just love it.
      Thanks for taking the time to have a peep at what I'm doing.

    2. What wonderful wreaths! They are a great inspiration...I need to get busy.

  4. I can't decide which one of your wreaths I like best. They're all so beautiful.

  5. The purple amongst the greens was absolutely stunningly beautyful!


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